Last updated: September 23, 2020

Anyone visiting (“the user”) shall consent to the following terms and conditions which describe the user’s rights and obligations when using these services. The user should read them carefully and be sure that he/she understands and agrees with the following terms and conditions:

Terms & Condition :

  • 1.Any transactions and orders made in the name or with the bank accounts and electronic accounts of third parties are illegal and, when the user wants to use the website services, ensures that the bank accounts and identity The provided is for the user himself and does not in any way use third party accounts to send or receive money and also the identity that the user has submitted to the website is for the user himself.

  • renders the services of an exchange of electronic payment systems units (“digital currencies”, “e-currencies”) between different payment systems.

  • 3.Orders must be made through the user's main Internet connection and any orders that the person makes through the proxy, VPN, or other secrecy of the user's Internet connection are illegal.

  • 4.You must not use this website to publish or distribute any material which consists of (or is linked to) any spyware, computer virus, Trojan horse, worm, keylogger, rootkit, or other malicious software.

  • 5.All users shall be solely responsible to offer valid and accurate information required to complete the registration or to submit the exchange order.

  • 6.All commission (fees) of payment systems is shown in website.

  • 7.Pending orders (orders waiting for the user’s payment) will be automatically deleted after the period of time specified in the order details

  • 8.When submitting a custom order to, it indicates that it has read all the laws and regulations and that the user has formally entered into a contract with wmzpay Solutions International. The User is responsible for complying with all obligations of this Agreement as well as complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • may terminate performance of the service or send a refund immediately if
    -If the cause of payment is not written correctly in international money orders.
    -If the money is sent from an account not in the name of the sender of the account.
    -If the money is sent from an electronic account by someone other than the account owner.
    -If there is any reason to believe that the funds sent are problematic.
    -If the order is registered by an internet connection created by VPN or proxy.
    -If the person fails to provide the required identification at the required time.

  • 10.The purpose of the user identification and verification is to prevent from being used with the aim of criminal activity (auction fraud, identity theft, etc.)

  • collects certain user identification information from each user opening or maintaining an account AND creating the first order via website. User may be asked to provide verification documents. Verification is required when the amount of a single order or the total sum of all client's orders is higher than USD 1,000 / EUR 1,000. The user shall be aware that the name, address, telephone number and any other personal identification information including documents (such as passport, national ID, telephone bills, electricity bills or other utility bills) must be true and contain correct details, pertaining to the user.

  • 12.User will be asked to provide a scanned copy of the valid photo ID (passport or national ID) and a scanned copy of a recent utility bill displaying the current address of residence. Verification process is a one-time procedure. Once the user receives the verified status, the client will not be required to send verification documents again.

  • 13.clients’ support is based on the request of a client provided in F.A.Q. on;

  • 14.In case of complaints regarding the completion of order, the client can contact administration of the service by email [email protected]. Please indicate the ticket number or order ID (which became the reason for a complaint) in your inquiry. The complaint shall be answered within no longer than 2 business days.

  • 15.Users must be 18 years old and above or 13 years to 18 years old with parental permission. A user between the ages of 13 to 18 certifies that a parent has given permission before signing up.

  • 16.There is no charge to open a WmzPay account. WmzPay reserves the right to evaluate and collect fees for its services. All fees are disclosed on WmzPay website and are calculated automatically and published before the User confirms the order. WmzPay is entitled to change its fees at any time and at its sole discretion. Actual fees are always displayed in the Fees section of the website.

Privacy :

For details about our privacy policy, please refer to the privacy policy section.

Breaches of these terms and conditions:

  • reserves the rights under these terms and conditions to take action if you breach these terms and conditions in any way.

  • may take such action as seems appropriate to deal with the breach, including suspending your access to the website, suspending your earnings made trough,prohibiting you from accessing the website, or bringing court proceedings against you.


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